SpongeBob SquarePants, some of you people might think that show is a 2000's show, well, it isn't.

The show aired in 1999, May 1st, to be exact. The show as all other shows at that time were animated with animation cells. I like that style of animation as I myself got a degree in traditional animation back in 1996, (3 years before the show began). As my interest in Traditional animation got bigger, so did my couriosity. So i decided to try and get a VIP pass to see how these kinds of animations were made.

In 1997 i got that pass. I got ready, grabbed a pen and went on the 9 o'clock bus. Finally, i could see what was inside of Nickelodeon studio animations. First i saw how they made the music for a show named "SpongeBoy". Sounded like a good show, so i went to follow the progress of that one.

I then saw how they did the storyboarding, the animatic, the pencil test and finally, the animation itself.

They first begin with getting


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