Oh SHIT!!!11. We just found a shitty game called Polybius whitch shitty caused players to not be able to shit for a week. The guys collected the shit that was stuck in the ROM. You would shit every time you jumped, like Mega shitting powers. Lights that make you go Ape-Shit Crazy. Then out of nowhere, we saw some beasts taking a shit out of the corner of our shitting eyes. Then we saw a hyper-realistic penis stabbing the shit. Then, after seeing the penis stabbing the shit, we were like "holy shit! Is this the shit, or what!?" my colleague, who helped me find Polybius, said "holy shit, yes!" Then we took a shit on the Polybius screen. Then out of nowhere, Jason Bourne and Honey Boo Boo grabbed the shit, and started throwing the shit like they were monkeys throwing shit. Then we went Ape-Shit crazy. Then the whole world went Ape-Shit Crazy. And then, we started raping the arcade cabinet, while there was still shit on it. Then we jizzed on the shit. Then we saw Obama and Romney come out of the corner of our eyes, and they were making out. Then Obama took a shit on Romney. Then, the game was shitting on the shit! Then Optimus Prime and Megatron came out. Megatron then, took a shit on Optimus Prime. Then Margret Thatcher's zombie course crawls in. Then we all died, as soon as Margrets' corpse came in. Then the Polybius game took a shit on the corpses. As soon as we all died, we released our bowels. THEN GOD, WITH SHIT ON HIS HANDS, REVIVED US FROM OUR SHITTY GRAVES! Then a dog comes in and eats the shit, and the shitty corpses. Then Rainbow Dash took a shit on the Polybius game. Then, as a return of the favor, the game took a shit on Rainbow Dash. And then a Shit-Infested skeleton popped out and took a shit on everyone. Then, blood started raining down from the skies, but, it was was actually the blood taking a shit. Then Evil Patrixxx, Evil Sonixxx, Evil Kermixxx, Spongeboob, and Mario took a shit on their games. And LOLSKELETONS comes in and takes a skeleton-y shit on everyone, which is covered in dust and cobwebs. Then, someone wrote 666 on the game which Satan rose up, and took a shit on the non-believers of him. But the 666 was written in shit. And then a plushie came out and shat on everyone. Then I realized that I was an intern at Shit studios. the plushie turns out to be the Tail's doll. Then i saw Shitward's Shitside. Then as we were taking a humongous shit, we were watching pokemon. A new episode on Cartoon Network where all the pokemons were taking a shit. Then I watched shitmouse.avi. And suddenly Greece took over the shitty world. And then a skeleton popped out with hyper realistic shit and shat everywere. then shitment day came and everyone shat. And then Shitterman And Jeff the Shitter popped out with BEN Shitted and Smile.Shit. then shitty rocks came down on top of us thus killing this shitty world.

then... WHO WAZ SHIT!?!

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