>It's been 2 years since i had that glorious expierience with Shrek's cocky love

>My brother decided to get a sex change, and now we have our love child together.

>Ever since that incident

>We love Shrek so much, that we called our baby Donkey.

>Today i will watch Shrek 2

>I bought it, and I got some friends and their children to watch it with me.

>Now were in the middle of it >friends say "it sucks dick"

>Same with their children.

>Before they leave

>Shrek pops out of the screen

>And attacks them!

>He said "so I herd u don't lyk shrek"

>He, then, begins raping my friends, and their children.

>Stuffing his meaty cock inside of them

>Some liked it, because they weren't getting the pleasure from their partner.

>Some didn't.

>Then he came

>all over them

>Then Shrek looks at us, the family that wasn't touched

>My baby says her first word

>She says "hav.. me... shrek"

>She then takes off her dress

>Then Shrek starts pumping her

>As we watch, her last words were "Shrek is Love"

>Then, Shrek gives us a pleasurable look

>He Says "Taek ur shurts off"

>We Do

>Then, without hesitation, I start fucking my brother in the ass

>Shrek says "lemme see ur dick"

>I let him see it

>Then Shrek cuts my dick off

>And orders me and my brother to have lesbian sex

>Hooray, I'm a woman!

>I start scissoring my brother, because we both have vaginas

>we, then, start squirting vagina fluids on each other

>As Shrek was watching us do it

>He came on top of us

>The green slime made me so hornier

>I said to Shrek "lemme see dat green dick"

>And Shrek shoves his dick inside my ass

>I felt like I was riding a bull in a rodeo.

>I was moaning

>and he was groaning

>Green cum fills up my brand new vagina hole

>Then I become preggers

>Then me and Shrek does a 69

>My brother, who was getting lonely, came in between our 69

>And started shaking Shrek's cock

>His green cum came on his face 

>Then I licked the cum off his face, like I was licking the flavor off of a lolipop

>After 2 minutes

>Shrek suddenly left!

>I was so disappointed

>But I was still so horny, so me and my brother started doing it again

>Then we started screwing our love childs' corpse!

>After that, me and my brother were doing the 96

>Not 69, the 96... with dildoes

>Then, we were lieing on the floor with dead bodies, blood, cum, and slime

>That was when we had the best incest ever

The end

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