• SOMEGUY123Bad
  • he almost belived it
  • but
  • 12:34Panda Muffin
  • 12:34SOMEGUY123then i said
  • 12:34MongerCrowBtw we talk about the Slenderman if you don't mind
  • 12:34SOMEGUY123nah i dunt mint
  • mind
  • 12:34Panda MuffinNobody mints
  • 12:34SOMEGUY123I mint!
  • 12:34Panda MuffinD:
  • How could you
  • 12:34MongerCrowlol mint
  • 12:35SOMEGUY123i got the new Imint
  • 12:35Lei Omakii have a mint
  • but i guess you don't mint
  • 12:35SOMEGUY123Then, do you have the Imint?
  • 12:35Lei Omakithat i'll eat it
  • don't mint if i do
  • 12:35Panda MuffinIt's called the iMint, Someguy
  • 12:36SOMEGUY123iMint
  • Hm...
  • No mods
  • Post MODS!
  • 12:36Panda MuffinI'm gonna mint all over your mint
  • imeanwat
  • 12:36SOMEGUY123I will mint you!
  • 12:36Lei Omakiask me xD
  • we will we will mint you
  • 12:37SOMEGUY123I asked you
  • 12:37Lei Omakiyou got mint on your face you big disgrace

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